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Waterproofing & Mold Removal Testimonials

RJY Waterproofing in Rockville, Maryland believes in excellence, and we do it right the first time. Of course this hurts our repeat business, but referrals from satisfied customers are through the roof! Read what our satisfied customers have to say below.

"I noticed after several rain storms that the carpet in my finished basement was soaked. I called RlY for an appointment, and Rick surveyed the space after coming to the house - He made a quick recommendation as to how the problem should be resolved. A drain system was installed below the level of the foundation, along the rear wall, so that water will no longer be able to enter the basement from underground. The crew completed the work on schedule, and cleaned up the job site each day and upon completion of the project. The crew was also great about moving items around in the basement while work was underway. Wet carpet and padding were removed and disposed of, and a HEPA air filtration machine was set up to filter mold from the air. All in all, it was a very good experience. I had them back to install ceramic tile also, since I wasn't enthusiastic about installing more carpet in the basement, Forgot to mention that a lifetime warranty for the waterproofing was included with the job."

- Jeffrey K.
Washington, DC

"Recently my basement had a leak and everything started to get wet and smell like mildew. I have a ton of antiques and family heirlooms packed away and I was really nervous that they were going to get ruined. I looked on-line and found a local company called RJY Waterproofing. I told them what was going on and they came out to my house and gave me the rundown as to what had happened. I didn't really understand the technical aspects of it but I knew that a section of my basement had to be sealed off. The foundation itself needed to be repaired. It was no small job. They came in and went to work as scheduled. After two days, Alas, no more leaking basement! We had to let the cement "cure" or dry basically but the guy Rick, who I think owns the company was really helpful and nice about it. When they were done, they left the place clean as well. I have hired people before to do jobs around the house and they didn't seem to pick up after themselves. Anyways, this company definitely helped me out when my house and belongings were on the verge of a disaster!"

"UPDATE: Rick from RJY actually ended up calling me himself to see how my basement held up after a recent storm. Even though I had the work down OVER a year ago he still took the time to call me and remembered me and how nervous I was about putting all my antiques back into the basement. He told me that time and many rain storms would tell and he was right. I thought it was really cool how he gave me a call to see how the basement was doing and ask about my family collection of heirlooms"

- Kate Y.
Whaleyville, Maryland

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